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PRP Microneedling

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We now offer this treatment with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP). Your own platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors that aid in the healing process. By combining this therapy with the Microneedling treatment, which creates a controlled injury in the skin, your body is able to boost the healing process and create more collagen for skin rejuvenation.

A high concentration of platelets surrounded in plasma. It contains at least 8 essential growth factors and signaling proteins, which are essential in creating new collagen and elastin fibers. PRP is typically coupled with microneedling and laser treatments (such as the Halo) to help reduce signs of aging by softening wrinkles, decrease pore size, improve skin laxity, and minimize the appearance of scars.

PRP is also used for hair loss. Because PRP is rich with growth factors, it promotes rapid cell growth and hair restoration. PRP helps by pushing the resting hair follicles back into the active growing phase. It is extremely simple to add on to microneedling and laser treatments. It just requires a small blood sample.

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