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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning Chicago IL
Men get rid of unwanted facial hair, so why shouldn’t women be able to do the same? Dermaplaning is an ideal way to get rid of peach fuzz on the face, a process professionally referred to as dermaplaning. It is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure that utilizes a sterile surgical scalpel to get rid of vellus hair and dead skin cells. The procedure itself requires no downtime and will instantly give you healthier, smoother and brighter skin. Plus, it can help improve the penetration of anti-aging creams and serums as well as help makeup sit better on your skin.

What are Vellus Hairs?

Vellus hairs, also known as peach fuzz, appear on everyone and are meant to help keep us warm and add a protective layer to our skin. Not everyone’s vellus hairs are visible, but some people’s hairs are thick and difficult to get rid of. Typical hair-removal methods like threading or waxing don’t always do the best job at removing this type of hair. Laser hair removal is effective on these hairs, but it takes multiple sessions to get the desired results. Additionally, laser hair removal doesn’t work for those with blonde or gray hairs.

Removes Superficial Dead Skin

In addition to removing peach fuzz, dermaplaning also removes the superficial layer of dead skin. This has an immediate brightening effect on your skin and reveals a fresh new layer of skin.

After the Appointment

Dermaplaning aftercare is an important step in the process. Make sure to use sunscreen on your face because your new layer of skin will be more sensitive to the sun. Retinol and glycolic acids should also be avoided during the healing process.

What Our
Patient’s Say

I have been going to Ana for 5/6 years now. I used to see her at my other med spa I go to. When she moved I followed her over there to get my facials done. She does hydra facials & dermaplaning on me which I absolutely love.

- Lauren M.

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